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Sight and Sound

201 Magazine | February 2021

Wyckoff native Tor Lundvall is a painter and composer. “I’ve always done both,” he says. “My art and...

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Fave Five: Tor Lundvall's Favorite Albums of All Time

Pop Matters | April 2019

He may not be a household name just yet, but Tor Lundvall — a visual artist and ambient musician in...

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The Art and Halved Darkness of Tor Lundvall

Invisible Oranges | April 2018

In 2009, ambient pop artist Tor Lundvall announced he said all he really needed to say. Following that...

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Bearing Musical Witness To John B. McLemore, The Late Protagonist Of 'S-Town'

NPR | April 2018

John B. McLemore is probably best known as the charismatic, obsessive, antique-clock-repairing, hedge...

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The Secret Music of S-Town’s John B. McLemore

Vulture | February 2018

Every episode of S-Town led to a new twist about the life of John B. McLemore, the charismatic, mercurial...

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The Secret Musical Life of S-Town’s John B. McLemore

Red Bull Music Academy | February 2018

In the fall of 2012, the reclusive American painter and ambient composer Tor Lundvall began an online...

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Nature is (Generally) No Laughing Matter to Tor Lundvall

CLRVYNT | January 2017

In both his visual and auditory work, Tor Lundvall expresses a surreal lucidity — familiar, but didactic...

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Tor Lundvall: I Don’t Value My Work Based on How Others Value It

Sounds of a Tired City | March 2016

I have vivid memories of the sounds in my parent’s backyard. Their yard seemed vast and endless at the...

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2015 Through My Eyes: Tor Lundvall

Santa Sangre Magazine | June 2016

I follow my own path and I steer clear of the things that disturb my soul. My happiest moments have...

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Watch / Read / Travel: Tor Lundvall

Sounds of a Tired City | November 2014

There was an underlying creepiness to the 1970s, at least that’s how I perceived the decade as a child...

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Between Seasons, Structures and Solitude - The Interview with Tor Lundvall

Secret Thirteen | January 2014

Ambient composer and painter Tor Lundvall manages to translate the feel of his surroundings so well...

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Tor Lundvall: Beauty is Everything in a Hostile World Like This

Exhibition of Words and Sounds | May 2011

Tor Lundvall (born 1968) is both a visual artist and ambient composer from Wyckoff, New Jersey. His...

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Tor Lundvall

Chain D.L.K. | July 2010

I first became aware of bands like Coil, Current 93 and Sol Invictus around 1987-88. Up to that point...

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Tor Lundvall: Mystery and Silence of the Landscape

Igloo Magazine | January 2007

On his website Tor Lundvall has a brief piece about the history of his painting style, a style which...

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