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New album covers

February 2023

Welcome to my new website, beautifully created, designed and maintained by my friend Ilsa Hoffman.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of my debut album Passing Through Alone, Dais Records has released my fourth box set entitled There Must Be Someone. This 5-CD collection features remastered and expanded editions of Passing Through Alone, A Strangeness In Motion, Ghost Years, A Dark Place, and Beautiful Illusions. You can pre-order the box set by clicking here . For more details, please download the press release by clicking here . My videos for the singles Dark Haired Girls and Forget It! can be viewed on the Videos Page.

The Paintings Page features most of my oil paintings to date, but not all of them. I will add more paintings, including my work from the past year as time permits. The gallery does not yet include drawings and other small works in various mediums. Most of the paintings featured are still available for sale. The prices range between $350 and up to $8,000 before shipping. The price usually depends on the size and the amount of time dedicated to each work. I do not currently sell prints of my paintings.

Please note that my physical mailing address for the past 25 years (P.O. Box 1113) is no longer active. Please send all e-mail correspondence to