March 2022:

I have an exciting release planned for later this year. I will announce more details in the coming months.

I've updated the Gallery with a few recent paintings. I've also amended the bios on the Personal Statement pages.

My latest album entitled "Beautiful Illusions" is available on vinyl and digital formats. The LP is limited to 2000 copies and the following colorways are available: 800 black vinyl / 600 clear blue vinyl / 400 seafoam vinyl / 200 butterfly vinyl. The butterfly variant is now sold out. You can order the LP by clicking here. For more details, please download the press release by clicking here. My video for the second single "Drowning" is below.
A reminder that physical copies of the following albums can still be ordered from my on-line shop located on the Discography Page: Passing Through Alone (CD), Under The Shadows Of Trees (CD), Yule (CD), Insect Wings Vol. 1 (CD), The Shipyard (Vinyl LP). The Insect Wings CDs are signed and numbered. All other items are signed on request.

Please send all correspondence to Mail forwarding was unfortunately disabled between late August through November of last year. Apologies to anyone who didn't receive a reply or couldn't get their messages through during that time. The contact e-mail is working fine now.