February 2021:

It's been a quiet start to the new year, but I've been busy wrapping up the recordings for my next album which will be released later this year. I will post more details closer to the release date.

A new interview has been posted in the February issue of 201 Magazine which covers Bergen County, New Jersey, the area where I was born and raised.

Last November, Dais Records released my 2006 Holiday album "Yule" on vinyl format for the first time. The LP is limited to 2000 copies and is available in the following colorways: 800 black vinyl / 600 clear red vinyl / 400 clear green vinyl / 200 peppermint vinyl. The peppermint edition is sold out and there are only a few green copies remaining. You can order the LP by clicking here or directly from my Bandcamp page. Please note that shipping is handled by a third party on all Bandcamp orders. For more details about "Yule", please read the press release by clicking here.

Physical copies of the following albums can still be ordered from my on-line shop located on the Discography Page: Passing Through Alone (CD), Under The Shadows Of Trees (CD), Yule (CD), Insect Wings Vol. 1 (CD), The Shipyard (Vinyl LP). The Insect Wings CDs are signed and numbered. All other items are signed on request.

Thanks to those of you who support and follow me in Instagram. I've been treating my IG Page @tor.lundvall as an expanded on-line Gallery of sorts. I've been photographing details of my paintings as time permits, which I've been posting along with some personal notes, stories, history etc. about each work. I will continue adding paintings to my Gallery here as well, although my IG page will be much more current / active in this respect.

Please send all correspondence to inquiries@torlundvall.com