December 2018:

My next album will be released in Spring 2019. I will post more details early in the new year. I've added a few more recent paintings to the Gallery.

Here is some music that made 2018 somewhat enjoyable (in no particular order):

1. Relistening to the first four Peter Gabriel albums, especially "3" which I played more than anything else this year.

2. Deluxe reissues of Wire's "Pink Flag", "Chairs Missing" (my favorite) and "154".

3. The Ivytree "Unburdened Light" and discovering all of The Birdtree & Ivytree releases and Glenn Donaldson's beautiful collages.

4. Footpaths "Riddles Wisely Expounded" (thanks for the beautiful box set, Jon!).

5. Kevin Drumm "Inexplicable Hours".

6. Asher Tuil "Reduplications".

Happy Holidays. I've kept the older news (below) until it is time to announce my next album.
The bulk of my back-catalogue is now available digitally on Bandcamp. I plan on remastering "Passing Through Alone" and "Ghost Years" in the near future, so these albums will be added at a later date. I also hope to reissue the rare "Seasons Sketches" CDr as a proper CD one day, but this remains to be seen.

A new interview is up on the Invisible Oranges / Brooklyn Vegan websites. In-depth reviews of my latest album "A Dark Place" are posted at the following links: Teutonkhamat, Santa Sangre and PopMatters. For links to further reviews, please visit the Dais Facebook Page.

"A Dark Place" is out on Dais Records in vinyl and digital formats. The LP includes a free download coupon and is limited to 500 copies (400 black vinyl / 100 transparent purple vinyl). The purple vinyl edition is now sold out. Please visit my webshop to purchase a signed copy of the black vinyl edition directly from me. The album is available digitally on Bandcamp. For more details, please download the press release by clicking here. Below is my video for the track "Quiet Room". Please be sure your YouTube viewing settings are set to 720p HD.
The late John B. McLemore contacted me in 2012 regarding a two-part remix he had made of my music, which also incorporated some of his own material. The first part of John's remix is still posted on his YouTube channel. The second part, featuring more of his original music, has remained unreleased until now. With the kind permission of his estate, Dais Records has released "Witness Marks", a haunting and hypnotic album featuring the second part of John's remixes and recordings. I hope that this release offers another glimpse into the creative mind of a unique, complex and gifted individual who tragically left this world all too early. For more information, please read the in-depth articles at Red Bull Music Academy and Vulture or listen to my interview segment on NPR's Weekend Edition. The press release is available here.

"Witness Marks" is available digitally on Bandcamp. The CD edition, featuring the bonus track "Before Winter's Death (Excerpt)", is available from Dais Records.

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